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MARIUsz kedzierski
artist&motivational speaker

About me

My name is Mariusz Konrad Kedzierski and I was born 10 November 1992.

I am Polish artist and motivational speaker born without arms. I was born in Swidnica, but now I work and live in Wroclaw.

My talent was discovered when I was just 3. I was drawing and painting up to the age of 12 when I had to stop for a few years, but after one of my surgeries at the end of 2008, I started again.

From that time I continue my art, most of which are portraits. My drawings are sold in many countries, like the USA, Canada,  Great Britain, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia & many others.

During these years I took a part in solo and group exhibition in Cracow, Kozmin Wlkp., Wroclaw, Swidnica, Sobotka (Poland), Lamspringe (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Oxford, London (Great Britain), Mersin, Adana (Turkey) and New York City (USA).

In 2015 I have opened a very unique project called 'Mariusz Draws'. During 17 days I covered a distance of over 12 000 km and was drawing on the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Marseille, Venice, Rome and Athens. May travel was mentioned by The Huffington Post, El Pais, El Mundo, Corriere Della Sera and much more.

In October 2013 I got 2nd Prize Best Global Artist Award Vienna 2013.

In December 2015 I got Audience Award of 'Man Without Barriers' 2015 in Poland. I was also the first Polish motivational speaker who performed in Asia (Taipei, Taiwan) in 2016. In 2017 I appeared on list of 100 the most influential people with disability in Poland.

In 2018 I got Best Global Artist in 'Realism' category and Best Global Artist 2018 ALL ROUND WINNER in Dubai during The Global Art Awards Ceremony.

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ART Gallery

Krzysztof Liegmann

Coach, Motivational Speaker, President of Architekci Umyslu 

One, two, three. You need just 3 seconds to get to know another person. When you look at Mariusz’s passion for art that he creates new drawings with, you can understand that his great dreams completly absorb him. Therefore, cooperation with Mariusz is based on mutual support and understanding.

Jakub B. Baczek


Mental Coach, Volleyball World Champion

What a beautiful and gifted soul!

If you ever feel like saying ‚I can’t’, look at Mariusz Kedzierski and his passion for life, and then open up your eyes to your own potential hidden within you. Mariusz, you have my respect and admiration!

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Business inquiries?

Don't hesitate to contact me

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